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Engaging your audience works best if you share honest and interesting stories. This could be based on project experience, innovation paths or market developments. Taking your (potential) customers along in the story about how you came to develop this particular solution shows expertise, customer care and confidence; values any company benefits from.

  • Expertise
    Share your know-how
  • Leadership
    Profile as industry leader
  • Engage
    With your audience


Sponsored article in Offshore Energy Magazine.
Get your audience’s attention by providing content that captures their interest.

2/1 page: € 3,000

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Reach thousands offshore energy professionals with an Industry Contribution at the Offshore Energy Platform.
Explain what challenges the market faces, that can be solved with a different solution or angle (without focusing on your product/service).

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  • Visibility in Industry Contribution section on homepage
  • Item included Industry Contribution section in newsletter
  • Presented as highlighted content item on relevant news archive pages

Industry contribution page online: € 1,250

Note: Please provide with your content piece the applicable markets and topics. See here more information on how to get the most out of your content item.

On site at Offshore Energy Exhibition & Conference

Stage time slot at The Stage: € 1,000
Round table: € 1,000

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