1-on-1 meetings

Offshore Energy offers a matchmaking programme that is available to all members, visitors, participants and partners. This feature makes it possible to get to know each other and to share knowledge about various topics related to Offshore Energy, without having to meet on a physical location. For this programme we use a platform that caters both 1-on-1 meetings and round table sessions for 8 participants.

Round table meetings online & onsite

In this time where it is hard to actually meet people, we create the opportunity to host your own round table. With an added benefit that you are not limited to a physical location, but meet people worldwide from behind your own desk. Make use of the largest reach worldwide.  

  • € 1.995,- 1st round table. Approx 1 hr
  • 50% discount on 2nd & 3rd round table (same subject)
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