Photo: Engage successfully with your audience.

Industry Contribution

Create relevant exposure by sharing stories to engage your audience

The Industry Contribution (IC) is an alternative form of advertising with a high value for money. Showing your expertise by publishing content will strengthen your image as an industry leader.

Your marketing campaign can include traditional advertising to promote a product or service, but Content Marketing can be a valuable addition. The Industry Contribution is an effective way of using Content Marketing to engage the target audience to your article. Take a look at how you can get your readers to share your content through Social Media and generate quality leads.

Let your stakeholders or engineers explain to the audience why the market needs a certain solution for a challenge.

1. Get your audience’s attention by providing content that captures their interest.

Instead of promoting their products, Oil Control Systems explained why the sector needs it.

2. Build credibility in the audience by sharing expertise and know-how.

nC gave an update on their know-how by providing an analysis of possible cost reductions.

3. Provide analyses of potential opportunities in your market.

Lagersmit showcased their expertise by analysing oil spill effects in the dredging market.

4. Tell the audience a great story that shows what you can do.

DNV GL showed the audience their expertise by telling an engaging forecast of the market.

5. Explain what challenges the market faces, that can be solved with a different solution or angle (without focusing on your product/service).

Cathie Associates explained point-by-point the current risks of installation and maintenance work.

Your next Industry Contribution?

Contact our team ([email protected]) for more examples, statistics and content ideas. We can advise while you are creating your own unique content.

Other guidelines

Length: 700-1000 words.

Style: Not promotional, but descriptive in third person (no ‘I’ or ‘we’, not mentioning brand or company names too much).

URLs: At the beginning of the article we accredit the piece to an author (possible to link to LinkedIn page) and company (possible to link to company website). In the article itself, a maximum of 3 relevant URLs.

Images: The client should supply at least 2 royalty-free horizontal images to accompany the article, free of logos or commercial expressions. The client has the opportunity to supply even more images, videos or graphics.

Editing: The client provides the content, which will only be checked with the Industry Contribution guidelines by the Content team. If desired, Navingo can connect the client to possible third-party writers or content agencies.