Offshore Energy Exhibition & Conference (OEEC) is the continent’s foremost annual gathering for the offshore energy industry and brings together industry leaders, innovators, and decisionmakers cross global markets.

As from the start, OEEC has been strongly rooted in The Netherlands. The Dutch cluster is a frontrunner in the energy mix of the future and sees OEEC as the place to showcase this, to both various governmental bodies and the international community.

This years’ event theme Harmony encompasses a range of aspects, including environmental protection, stakeholder collaboration, technological integration, safety, and international cooperation. Achieving harmony in these areas is crucial for the successful and sustainable innovative development of offshore renewable energy resources.

We firmly believe that fostering innovation requires the presence and convergence of companies, universities, graduate schools, knowledge institutions and startups active across the various verticals, including offshore wind, marine energy, hydrogen, green marine and fossil fuels.

Also, in this year’s edition, OEEC keeps putting emphasis on internationalisation and innovation. We believe in a multi-vertical approach with the participation of the whole industry. We are convinced that collaboration across the verticals and harmony in the energy mix is key and requires an international approach to create the most disruptive innovation.

At Offshore Energy Exhibition & Conference 2024, you can expect:


The varied program covers in detail trends from different sectors of the offshore energy industry. experts and industry leaders from the different markets discuss the opportunities and challenges of the energy transition in these turbulent times, present latest innovaations and developments from the sector and share strategies to remain future-proof. The sessions are recorded and made available on our online platforms.



At the open stage on the exhibition floor, different aspects of the offshore energy sector are placed into the spotlight. Companies, experts and students share market insights, product solutions and fresh perspectives. The content recorded on The Stage is available for sharing online and on social media for promotional purposes.


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What people say about Offshore Energy Exhibition & Conference
Paul de Leeuw
RGU Energy Transition Institute
It’s been a tremendous exhibition and conference. I like the ‘can do’ attitude! People really want to make a difference. I’ve seen a high energy here, which I think is superb for the future we want.
Brian FitzGerald
Simply Blue
The exhibition is excellent. First of all, it is extremely organized. Secondly, the quality of speakers and the quality of the delegation. I think the level of detail and the practical information that was provided, the breaking down of arguments into simple language for people to understand was very helpful.
Charise Cutajar
There is a lot of variety. From moorings to ships, to all the possibilities that you can imagine within the offshore industry.
Werna Udding
I’m surprised by the amount of people from different countries who are very interested in the developments.
Matti Basan
We had a lot of very interesting and very efficient meetings during the day. Especially for the offshore wind industry, I think it’s one of the key exhibitions for us to go to.
Julian Manning
Paradigm Group BV
The energy transition, we can really see that coming through. There is much more hydrogen here so, really nice to look at some companies around here and see what’s going on in the industry.
Widya Adi Nugroho
New and Renewable Energy
I can meet a lot of companies related to the marine energy. My country is now starting to develop green hydrogen, so I think it’s very useful for us to get information and experience from the Netherlands.
Maria Gutorova
DEME Offshore NL
I really like the vibe. There are so many people to meet. The whole industry is here.
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