Navingo attracts over 630,000 unique visitors every month looking for developments and innovations in offshore energy and get the latest insights to make better decisions. Navingo webinars is a great solution to share knowledge and build thought leadership. It’s perfect for generating engaged leads and get in touch with a highly engaged and qualified audience in an efficient way.

Format & setting

  • Duration 30 – 45 minutes
  • Setting: newsy, panel discussion
  • One moderator, two experts
  • You provide one expert
  • The second expert can be a client or independent expert

Topic & content

The topic of the webinar is chosen by you in collaboration with the Navingo editorial team. A clearly defined topic usually yields the best results, and with the most qualitative leads. Working with Navingo editors ensures an independent view which will lead to stronger content. You can contribute to the content with slides and videos if needed. Navingo editors will ensure quality control. As a partner, the webinar provides a platform to share your
knowledge and expertise.

Webinar on topic of choice, starting from € 3,950.–