What is the inside size of my stand?

The inside sizes of the full-service stands are slightly different from the booked sizes. The inside sizes are as follows:

4×2: 394cm x 197cm
5×2: 494cm x 197cm
6×2: 594cm x 197cm
7×2: 694cm x 197cm
8×2: 794cm x 197cm

4×3: 394cm x 297cm
5×3: 494cm x 297cm
6×3: 594cm x 297cm
7×3: 694cm x 297cm
8×3: 794cm x 297cm

4×4: 394cm x 397cm
5×4: 494cm x 397cm
6×4: 594cm x 397cm
7×4: 694cm x 397cm
8×4: 794cm x 397cm

The sizes are specified as width x depth. All stands are 250 cm in height.