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The Offshore Energy platform consists of several media; an Exhibition & Conference, online news portals (OffshoreWIND.biz, Offshore-Energy.biz and DredgingToday.com) and a Magazine. A powerful platform like this creates business opportunities. Our reach over different markets and specific userbase results in valuable data. You can use this to create exposure for your company to attract new business.

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Sonja Chirico IndrebØ
Exploring technologies that are adopted in other industries is a proven pathway of consideration for the offshore energy industry.
This is a very good event where you get the chance to see across your own industry and you have a chance to copy from the best. So, we are looking at renewables and we are also looking at how to decarbonize our oil and gas
Mr. Julian Manning, CEO
Paradigm Group B.V.
Exploring technologies that are adopted in other industries is a proven pathway of consideration for the offshore energy industry.
Ms. Liz Burdock, President & CEO
Business Network US Offshore Wind
With the offshore wind pipeline increasing in the United States, there is a supply chain capacity issues. So we need European companies to partner with US companies.
Mr. Bart van de Leemput, Executive Vice President
Shell Operated Upstream international
How can we build on our experience in oil and gas? What is there to be explored? We need to go into unknown territories and discover what we can bring for the next phase in energy.

Home of energy transition

The energy transition is relevant to many industries, from phasing out fossil fuels to investing in greener innovations within the maritime and offshore industry. The developments in these industries are driven by the changing landscape in the energy sector and the necessity to have all industries working together for the same goal: a more sustainable future.

This platform focuses on the energy transition and innovative solutions in the maritime and offshore energy industry. With a team of editors, content developers and sales & marketing professionals, Offshore Energy brings the industry daily news, in-depth stories, networking events and conferences. The platform reaches thousands of professionals daily and gives year-round exposure. This makes it the perfect tool to reach sales and marketing goals.

Offshore Energy helps to connect with the global offshore energy supply chain.

We see these times as an accelerator for innovative initiatives. These new concepts will be an added value for our customers and clients, because they fulfill our main goals; connecting the offshore and maritime industry.

Ms. Anne Visser, Director of Operations Navingo BV
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