Who supplies catering? / How do I order catering?

All catering at Offshore Energy Exhibition & Conference is supplied by RAI Amsterdam, the exhibition venue. Please note that it is not permitted by RAI Amsterdam to bring your own catering, and that catering services may only exclusively be ordered from the RAI webshop.

You can access the RAI webshop through our Exhibitors Portal.


Ordering catering during exhibition days

There are three ways to order (extra) catering during the event:

  • At your stand you will find an order form with a phone number you can call to order extra catering.
  • You can also place your order in the RAI webshop (through the Exhibitors Portal), the webshop will remain open during the event.
  • RAI Exhibitor Services hosts a desk in the entrance area, where you can address their staff with questions about (extra) webshop orders.