What is the deadline for registering stand personnel?

Stand personnel can be registered until 24 hours before the event.  The stand personnel registration tool is available in the Exhibitors Portal.

Please register your stand personnel before arriving at RAI Amsterdam, the exhibition venue. It will save you a lot of time at the registration desks in Entrance K, where you will receive your stand personnel badge. The number of stand personnel you may register depends on the size of your stand. If you want to include more personnel on your stand, you can order extra tickets in the exhibitor portal at a standard discount price of 50%. You will receive the invoice for extra ordered tickets after the exhibition. 

8 m2  2 passes 
9 m2 - 12 m2  4 passes 
16 m2 - 20 m2  5 passes 
21 m2 - 27 m2  6 passes 
> 28 m2  8 passes