What are the dimensions of my space only stand?

These are the dimensions of the space only stand locations in width x depth. Please note that these are the outside dimension of the stand. Please take into consideration the width of the stand walls when designing a stand.

8×3: 800cm x 300cm
9×3: 900cm x 300cm

6×4: 600cm x 400cm
7×4: 700cm x 400cm
8×4: 800cm x 400cm
9×4: 900cm x 400cm

6×5: 600cm x 500cm
7×5: 700cm x 500cm
8×5: 800cm x 500cm
9×5: 900cm x 500cm

If you are not sure what the size is of the stand you booked, you can find your booking form in the Exhibitors Portal.