Uptime International AS

Uptime International developes, markets and installs, for sale and rental, motion compensated access solutions for Offshore Oil & Gas and the Wind Industry.

Our 23,4m gangway has been in use in the wind industry as well as oil & gas since 2013 and is now the benchmark for motion compensated gangways for monohul floatels and workboats.

UPTIME has delivered and have on order a total of 24 units of our 23,4m AMC gangway.
All Uptime gangways can be pushed against for short time connections, or landet on a landing platform for long term connections – all the time continuously open for transfer.

Our gangways are also available with an adjustable height pedestal, making it possible to reach almost any height landing.

It is possible to take cargo from vessels warehouse up through a integrated elevator to and through our UPTIME gangway directly to the TP with a electrical trolley.