Luc Group

LUC manufactures special PU-grades for rollers, wheels and tensioner- & frictionpads, used in: • Handling and laying equipment for pipe, flexible and cable;• Pipe-coating equipment;• Umbilical- and flexible manufacturing sites;• Spool- and bundle-bases;• Pipe-inspection and -maintenance;• Seafastening- and gripper equipment for installation of monopiles and jackets.LUC offers a broad range of high-performance polyurethanes, where each individual material will have a special set of properties, making it the optimum solution:• High static and dynamic loads, • High friction; • High temperatures;• Harsh (chemical) environment.LUC owns test-facilities, including friction test-equipment.LUC can supply the polyurethane parts as a complete assemblies, with material-certification and inspection-reports:• Stinger-rollers, concrete spray-rollers, conveyor-rollers, diabolo-rollers;• Pipe-pigs, fenders, spring-elements;• Tensioner springblocks, tensioner trackpads & trackshoes;• Heavy-duty wheels , guide-wheels, monopile gripper-wheels, rotation-wheels;• High friction bearing blocks.