ELA Container Offshore GmbH

ELA Container Offshore produces stand-alone offshore containers for rent and sale to be used on rigs, transformer platforms and on all kind of seagoing vessels, pontoons and barges.
ELA provides the modules as Temporary Living Quarters, Offices, Mess Rooms, Galleys, Laundry, Recreation or Locker Rooms for your individual demand. Additionally, ELA also offers a wide range of offshore cargo carrying units.

The high quality Containers are “Made in Germany” according to the highest quality standards; DNV 2.7-1 / EN 12079-1 / ISO 10855 , based on SOLAS, IMO FSS Code and MLC as well as CSC and approved by several IACS-companies. In terms of fire resistance, the A60 fire protection provides high safety standards. Depending on customer requirements, ELA Offshore Containers are individually customized, immediately operational and are available on short notice.