Duc Marine Group

DUC Marine Group – www.ducmarinegroup.com

DUC Marine Group has realized both growth and development over the preceding 30 years into being a fully functional marine contractor & offshore construction services provider.
Offshore Renewable energy, Oil and gas industry, Maritime projects, Salvage projects and large inshore projects are the main sectors we currently supply to.
DUC has a large number of permanent employed divers and a broad range of In-House equipment to offer a wide range of professional services.
The DUC vessels can be equipped for Offshore Diving, Intervention & assistance, Salvage work, Survey, small scale Dredging, Blasting, UXO- clearance, etc.
The new build MPSV Solution is more or less the Swiss army knife of vessels, particularly for the offshore wind industry.
With a clear strategy and a growing fleet of perfectly suited vessels, it looks like DUC Marine Group may just have the solution to reduce the cost of offshore work.