Controllab Products B.V.

Controllab develops control software and predictive digital twins for cranes, gangways and other machines. We have unique modules for motion compensation, anti-sway and more.

Modern machines in the offshore industry are increasingly automated, digital and smart. Making the control systems that run these machines is more and more challenging. Controllab helps companies to meet these challenges. We do this by using digital twins. Digital twins are simulation models of real machines. With these simulation models we can speed up the design and testing of control software significantly.

Controllab has over 15 years of experience in creating simulation models. Our team has developed unique tools and skills that allow us to efficiently design and use digital twins. We cover the whole product life-cycle from systems design to control software design, HIL simulation and training simulators.

Please call (+31-85-7731872) or mail ([email protected]) for more information.